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Now officially a tough girl!

Now officially a tough girl!

I’ve listened to the ‘Tough Girl Podcast’  with interest as it has grown over the last couple of years.

Headlines, instagrams and social snippets about women doing tough things is one kind of inspiration – a flash of inspiration or a quick reminder why you are doing it – but listening to these in-depth interviews with adventurous women is something altogether different.  The talk of the pains, setbacks, failures as well as the highs really helped when I have been battling through the harder parts of my own projects. Hearing of similar problems and different approaches was the kind of help I really needed… that I would even dare to say everyone needs in that situation.

It’s a real honour to now be included amongst those women and I hope something I’ve said might help out other tough girls…in fact anyone.

Thanks Sarah Williams – you are doing a great and valuable job. To everyone else – invite the women in your world that might need this kind of inspiration to listen to this episode but even better, to like ToughGirlChallenges on facebook or visit: www.toughgirlchallenges.com

Listen below:

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