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Sacha is a conservationist, adventurer and motivational speaker.

She has spoken to audiences from school groups to a president, and recent awards include the 2018 Britannia Trophy for the most meritorious performance in aviation (previously awarded to Sir Richard Branson and the Red Arrows and not won by a woman since 1967), a Woman of the Year 2017 and the Environment Campaign of the Year 2017 among others. She also holds the record for the First Channel Crossing by Paramotor for a woman.

Her recent groundbreaking expedition ‘Flight of the Swans’ saw her flying by paramotor from Arctic Russia across 11 countries to the UK to help save the Bewick’s swan, and has won her and her team awards for aviation, conservation and communication.

But how did she get there?

The human swan has landed!

A successful migration 7000 km from arctic Russia and first female to cross the Channel in a paramotor.

Being awarded the Britannia Trophy in 2018

Early Years

Sacha’s childhood spanned the big waves and reefs off Sydney, the remote Australian bush, a large manor in Suffolk and villages in France and Switzerland. A tomboy with endless hours to herself in wild places, she developed a passion for wildlife and hatching outrageous plans. She also learnt that she could hold her breath long enough to scare people…

A life aquatic

Bored by (and not great at) organised sports at school, whilst studying her Masters degree in the UK she discovered freediving.  Just weeks later she was competing for the UK, and would later lead the Australian freediving team.

Beating the world record for breath hold (6 minutes 22 seconds) in a training session one day led to international recognition and training in cave diving for underground exploration, lead to some unusual professional jobs including playing dead bodies, and an underwater bad guy in ‘Home and Away’, and a human dolphin for a whisky brand. Whilst stunt work was a lot of fun, Sacha also put her skills towards good causes and co-founded volunteer group ‘Eco Divers’, a group of divers using their bare hands and cameras to save sea life and she has worked in conservation communication, including film and photography, ever since.

Above - Sacha as stunt woman aka human fish

The aquatic adventures (alongside a day job in Communications and media production for conservation organisations) before becoming the Human Swan

Taking to the air

When invited to set up a film unit for the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust in the UK, Sacha knew she had to get herself and her camera airborne to work in remote areas. But to do that she would need to tackle her debilitating fear of flying head on. 

Sacha dealt with that fear, learned to fly, and went on to become the ‘human swan’ migrating over 4,000 miles from arctic Russia – the land of the nomadic reindeer herders – to the UK, dangling 1000s of feet in the air from a piece of fabric, with a propellor on her back. Her mission? To find out why the birds were declining so fast, and generate a wave of support for helping save them from people all along their flyway.


The inspiration behind 'Flight of the Swans'

Motivational Speaking

Drawing on tales from the groundbreaking ‘Flight of the Swans’ expedition and other adventures, Sacha takes her audiences on a journey across time and comfort zones and get them thinking, laughing, and challenging their own limits.

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